Gravity Films is a production house with a vision: We strive to uphold productions at the highest professional levels.

We are a team of creative individuals whose hearts, souls and minds are wholly committed to the craft of filmmaking. We believe strongly in being able to participate not only in the production aspects of film making but also to play a pivotal part in the entire creative process.

Gravity Films is a Singapore based production house founded by Executive Producers Merrillyn Lim, Rowena Yee and Film Director Roslan Ismail. Since 1999, Gravity Films has gone on to produced various well received commercials that include for clients like Johnnie Walker, Sprite, Minute Maid, VISA, Singapore Armed Forces, Hua Wei, Pond's, HTC and many more. These projects have been filmed in locations as diverse and challenging as The Czech Republic, Los Angeles, Sydney, Thailand, Spain, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and China.

In 2004, Gravity Films Shanghai was established. This strategic expansion has propelled us to extend our reach to invest in the abundant opportunities for film making in China, with its varied locations, talents, art and production designs and working as that create an excellent communication bridge for film makers. Such exciting opportunities have been challenging, enriching and will only continue to make Gravity Films grow creatively.

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